One day

It’s the last day of January. Which means I am closer to junior year and after that its my last year of school. FINALLY. But at the same time I’ll be sad. Because we move on from our high schools lives and go out into the world. It’ll be a long time before  I see my friends. Even if i see them. Honestly I don’t want to leave high school. People in high school realize a lot of things. How people are fake and liar. that some people are really just to ignorant. Sad is, when high school is over there is no such thing as popularity. So I don’t get why some people just lose friends or change to become popular when one day it won’t count.

Your just thrown thrown into the world, where you only have yourself to survive. Even for those who have everything because one day you lose very thing .


you have to lose everything before you can really find yourself 

















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